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  • Sita Super Sandal 10g (SSS10g)
    Sital Super Sandal Incense (10 grams), A fantastic sandalwood in a gorgeous hexagonal package from one of the great Indian incense manufacturers, Amber Aromatics, Bangalore, India
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  • Shivranjani Incense 40gm (SHI921)
    Shivranjani Agarbatti - reportedly Babaji's favorite
    Shivranjani Agarbatti is a natural Masala base incense product, specially designed to spread a mild but pleasing flower fresh aroma, leaving behind an impression of serenity, with a longer retaining property. On burning, Shivranjani leaves the air fresh, healthy and pure, helps concentration of mind in meditation, Pooja etc.


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  • Kesari Deluxe Incense 50gm (KES421)
    Kesari Deluxe Incense - 50gm
    Saffron-sandal blend, soothing! Formulated for meditation.
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  • Tibetan Rope Incense - Nag Champa (TNR)
    Tibetan Rope Incense - Nag Champa
    Used for centuries to release stress, depression, and tension. This traditional made Tibetan incense is prepared by hand using medical techniques. Approximately 25 ropes. 
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  • California White Sage Smudges - 9"L (Large) (SAGE03)
    California White Sage Smudges - 9"L (Large)

    Cleanse & Purify
    The California White Sage Smudge Sticks are 9" to 10" long is wild-crafted and each bundle is hand tied.

    These broad leaf White Sage Smudge Sticks are prized for their strong aromatic properties. White Sage has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years for cleansing, purifying one's self and others, as well as an area of space through the technique of smudging.

    • Features
    • White sage smudge stick.
    • Sage comes from coastal mountains of California.
    • Puts out a lot of smoothing smoke.
    • Details
    • Designed for: purifying, protection
    • Smudge Stick Type: White Sage
    • Dimensions: 9-10" long

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  • Sweetgrass Braid Ceremonial Incense (​ sage-naI14)
    Sweetgrass Braid Ceremonial Incense - approximately 24"
    A traditional ceremonial incense used by Native Americans and other cultures. Shave tips, place over charcoal

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  • Cedar Smudge Wand (sage-CSW7)
    Flat Cedar Smudge Wand 7 inches long
    A wonderful fragrance to burn.

    Cedar wands are used in rituals, ceremonies, magic, or simply for aroma.

    Sacred to Native tribes known as the Mother and giver of life. These wands can be used for protection, purification, cleansing, wealth, healing, and prosperity.

    Each Cedar Wand is hand tied.

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