Samadhi Perfume Powder

Ancient Yogi's Herbal Perfume Powder
Samadhi (sa-mah-dee) means, "The inexpressible pure bliss of union with the Divine". 
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  • Scent of Samadhi Perfume Powder (SAMA46)
    Scent of Samadhi - Ancient Yogi's Herbal Perfume Powder
    Samadhi (sa-mah-dee) means, "The inexpressible pure bliss of union with the Divine". 
    In the caves of southern India, we noticed that a beautiful and exotic aroma exudes from the bodies of Sages and yoga masters who practice and meditate for hour upon hour. We learned from them that they rub onto their bodies a natural herbal perfume and deodorant powder which deepens their practice and meditation. This an ancient herbal blend that works along with the body perspiration to create a smell that is truly inspiring - enhancing a deeper meditative bliss and divine awakening. We bring this to you in our Scent of Samadhi
    The aroma of Scent of Samadhi actually becomes richer during yoga or exercise. The more you perspire, the better you smell! Smell is the most primal of our senses - it can evoke memories, entice us, relax or stimulate us. This fragrance can guide you inward, bringing a deeper clarity and focus when practicing or meditating. 
    The Sages believe this divine aroma of Scent of Samadhi to represents the Goddess of Spiritual and Material Abundance, Sri Lakshmi. While wearing Scent of Samadhi, we experience the feelings of being 'beautiful and wonderful' inside-out and this enables a positive vibration that enables fulfillment of thought.
    An ancient formulation from the tradition of Ayurveda, this deodorizing perfume powder includes red sandalwood and blend of proprietary herbs.
    There are no colors, chemicals or animal products in Scent of Samadhi.
    Words cannot do it justice, so try Scent of Samadhi for yourself. Take a small pinch of it and rub it together with both your palms. Bring your two palms before your nose, inhaling as you move your palms above and around your head. Feel the instant transformation in your aura, thought and feelings. Inhale the sacred fragrance of enlightenment!
    When a small amount (just a pinch) is gently rubbed into the deepest part of the armpit, you can immediately begin to experience outer and inner harmony. Try it just before you do your yoga, meditate, take a walk, or any activity. Let your inspiration guide you!
    Each jar contains 5 grams of Scent of Samadhi powder, enough to last for 2-3 months with daily use.
    Each jar of Scent of Samadhi comes in a beautiful cloth pouch made from the traditional South Indian sari material. These pouches are sewn in India as part of a project to provide a means of livelihood for women from broken homes and the physically challenged individuals.
    Lasts for MONTHS!
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