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  • Copper Tibetan Offering Bowls (TGBC)
    Tibetan Offering Bowl

    Made of copper with silver medallions on the side, 2.5" diameter

    "The making of offerings is an antidote to the pattern of attachment and greed." - Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche

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  • Tibetan Thangka (TTT)
    Tibetan Thangka

    A beautifully detailed metal frame encompassing and image of Buddha. Dimensions 12" wide and 33" long. 

    Thangka is also called scroll painting. Thangka performs several different functions, including its use as a religious meditation tool to help a religious person further down the path to enlightenment. In addition, Thangka functions to protect a house or person, while it is also used as a material for religious teaching and for different kinds of religious events. Thangka exists in the daily life of Tibetans, and are used in temples and in almost every local person’s home. In addition, they are also used when someone dies in a family, or when someone gets married. 
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