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  • Blessings and Precepts by His Holiness Sri Charanasrit Baba (BAP)
    Blessings & Precepts by His Holiness Sri Charanasrit Baba

    Second Edition 1990
    Haidakhandi Samaj
    36 pages
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  • Blessing from Babaji by Jai Shri (Digital) (BLET11-DL)
    PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT, it is downloadable immediately after payment.

    Blessing from Babaji by Jai Shri 128 pages of messages and artwork, sharing Babaji's Teachings in Action.

    Download contains the following formats: PDF, HTML, Word 6, Word 2000, RTF

    "I offer to Babaji with all of my heart that all sentient beings may be liberated from their suffering in Samsara." - Love J

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  • Immortal BabajiI & His Lilas by K.L. Jand (Digital) (IMME56-DL)
    This is a digital product, available for immediate download after payment.

    From The Author:

    I bow down to my great Sadguru Babaji, by the mere remembrance of whose name one attains spiritual blessings in return and fruition of his devotion.

    I feel myself too fortunate despite my paucity (both spiritual and intellectual) I may being bestowed with the honor of handling this task of remodeling the pre-publication "Babaji" by his Holiness Ananta Anant Kailash Guha Behari Kashi Vishwanath Bhagwan. Any errors of omission or commission that may have crept in the said publication are entirely mine and for which I crave the indulgence of readers.

    I owe my sincere gratitude to reverend Sri Swami Fakira Nandji who has supplied the entire material data and under whose guidance and grace the publication has attained its completion. Also I cannot hesitate to express my gratitude and regards to my senior codevotee Dr. V.V.S. Rao who is also the back-ground of most indispensable material data and whose very foot-steps I have trodden.

    K.L. Jand
    Sri Samb Sada Shiv Satang

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  • Conscious Cuisine by Angelo Devivo - Digital Download (CCDE)
    Conscious Cuisine by Angelo Devivo - Digital Download

    This is a digital product and will be available for immediate download after your successful PayPal payment (PayPal account not required).   You will then have access to the download in your account under downloads.  This will allow you to download the zip file containing all the tracks.

    Every time Angelo cooks at the Center, people beg him for the recipes. Now you can prepare these simple, healthy vegetarian dishes in your own home! A great gift!
    J.T. in Colorado says, "I'm writing to thank you for your cookbook. We tried a recipe within the hour of its arrival and all concerned raved about the taste. More recent meal time experiments have resulted the same way. Simple ingredients, simple preparations; filling but light, invigorating, and great taste. The book is well-laid out, easy to use, and its not just a fundraiser, it's a service! Enjoyed it immensely."

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  • Use of a Murti as an Object of Worship (Digital) (MURTI20x-DL)
    THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT, and will be available for download immediately following payment.

    Use of a Murti as an Object of Worship is an Ebook in PDF format which includes detailed instructions on building and using an altar with Murtis for your devotional practices. Also includes all precise instructions on how to perform specific devotion as taught at Vishwa MahaDham, including mantras and step by step instruction.

    These instructions include all details of performing the Arati Ceremony. See our ARATI BOOK download for more support with this ritual.

    Download contains a 20 page PDF file with all the above and pictures of Shri Babaji.

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  • Corporate Yogi: My Journey as a Spiritual Seeker and an Accidental Entrepreneur - by Dr. Arvind Lal (CORPYOGI)
    "A single bullet took one life and shattered three others. Mine, among them. My brother shot my father. My mother heard the shot. Approximately 1400 kilometers away, in the Armed Forces Medical College at Pune, where I was pursuing a postgraduate course in pathology while serving as assistant warden of the hostel, the telephone rang. It was the night of December 4, 1977, a night that changed me forever."
    This book presents Dr Arvind Lal's journey as a spiritual seeker and an accidental entrepreneur. How did a saint from a remote Himalayan village called Hairakhan transform Arvind's life? How did Lal Pathlabs become a household brand in India? How does spiritualism shape his thoughts as an entrepreneur? Can work and spirituality gel in a 'karma yoga' form as mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures? Woven around Arvind's life, this book answers these and many other questions about work, life and spirituality.
    ***  Great read for Babaji devoties. Also i like that is from an Indian author who has grown up in a Hindu culture. Thank you Dr Arvind. - K, UK
    ***  As a professional most rarely spend time on "Non business" / "Non priority" issues. It has been an eye opener and enlightening experience to read Corporate Yogi. I have read the book twice. First time read the book more as a gripping novel. Second time read slowly to understand and internalise the content and experiences shared by the author. This has been my first experience reading and scratching the surface of spiritual world. I am thrilled and 'am so happy that I read Corporate Yogi. - SC, India
    ***  I brought this book after reading an article on this book. It's the auto biography of the doctor by profession. Bcuz of his family life problems, his mother takes him to Babaji his guru to find solace in life. He has explained elaborately about his guru's teachings with emphasizes on karma yoga and japa yoga. Worth reading this book if you're seeking for spirituality. - SK, India
    ***  Wonderful book brings God into our word.
    Reincarnation which happened in recent times that was unknown to me has been detailed so well by Dr Arvind Lal. Must read book. - SB, India
    About Arvind Lal:
    Arvind Lal is an Indian billionaire, pathologist, medical administrator and the chairman and managing director of Dr Lal PathLabs, a medical diagnostic centre in Delhi. A medical graduate and a medical academic, he is reported to have modernized Indian medical diagnostics and initiated the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the field of laboratory testing in India. He holds the rank of a Brigadier in the Indian Armed Forces, an honorary rank conferred by the Army. The Government of India awarded him the fourth highest civilian honour of the Padma Shri, in 2009, for his contributions to Medicine.
    Arvind Lal, born on 22 August 1949, graduated in medicine from the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, secured his post graduate degree from the same institution and started his career there as a lecturer at the Department of Pathology. In 1977, he went back to his family business by taking charge of Dr Lal PathLabs, a laboratory services providing institution founded by his father, S. K. Lal, in 1949. Under his leadership, the institution modernized its diagnostic services by incorporating Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems and branched out to many parts of the country, presently having over 150 laboratories. Affiliated to the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the institution is known to cater to 9000 patients a day, reported to be highest number of tests conducted by a pathology laboratory in India. The annual turn over stood at ₹5.5 billion (Indian rupee) as of March 2014 and the company floated its first IPO in 2014. The honorary physician to the President of India in 2001, he was one of the founders of the Indian chapter of the Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) where he served as the first vice president. He is known to have initiated the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the country in laboratory testing in 2004 when Dr Lal PathLabs took up a project in association with the Government of Tripura, an effort which was repeated with the Government of Gujarat during 2011–2013 for testing over 30,000 new born babies in the state.
    Arvind Lal is the Secretary of the Healthcare Federation of India (NATHEALTH) and a non-executive Director at the Centre For Sight, New Delhi. He sits on the Board of Directors of APL Institute of Clinical Laboratory and Research, Archana Pharmaceuticals, Doon MRI, Kalmatia Sangam Travels, Paliwal Diagnostics and Paliwal Medicare. A recipient of special honour from the World Health Organization, he received the International Business Council Award in 1994 and the Indira Gandhi Solidarity Award in 1995. This was followed by Healthcare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003 and the Delhi Rattan Award from the Government of Delhi in 2005. The Government of India awarded him the civilian honour of the Padma Shri in 2009 The same year, The Armed Forces of India honoured him with the honorary rank of a Brigadier,  making him the first civilian doctor to receive the honour. He is also a recipient of the Eminent Medical Person Award.
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  • Maha Kumbh Mela: Millennium's First by Nino Carmine Pitti (MAHA11)
    Maha Kumbh Mela: Millennium's First by Nino Carmine Pitti

    Drawings and story of attending the Maha Kumbh Mela of January February 2001

    Story in Italian and in English.

    108 pages, oversized paperback. 9.5" tall x 8.25" wide

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  • Path of Fire: A Woman's Journey to Oneness by Elaine Heroux (POF)
    A compelling memoir of psychological and spiritual transformation. 
    In "Path of Fire: A Woman's Journey to Oneness", Elaine Heroux describes a lonely and insecure childhood and her introduction to the spirit world by her loving grandmother. A profound dream leads her to two countries and she eventually comes face to face with her Guru, Herakhan Babaji. Following the guidance and teachings of Babaji and the Divine Mother, Elaine's world is turned upside down as she struggles to own her inherent gifts while balancing the mortal and spirit worlds. Ultimately she understands the real purpose of life. 
    Path of Fire is for all of you who ...
    * Are living with the pain of childhood wounds ...
    * Have ever felt you don't fit in ...
    * Have had experiences of the spirit world that leave you questioning if you might be crazy ...
    * Are wondering if your dreams are trying to tell you something ...
    * Are looking for something you cannot explain ...
    * Are on a spiritual path or would like to be ...
    * Are interested in knowing more about the Guru-disciple relationship. 
    Path of Fire is a story of hope, love and empowerment that unveils the evocative dance between human and divine. 
    "Dear Reader, a treat awaits you. "Path of Fire" emits a magnificent, ennobling vibration."  - Christina Thomas Fraser
    Elaine Heroux, LCSW is a psychotherapist and spiritual advisor in private practice in Florida. 
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  • I Am Harmony by Radhe Shyam (I AQ11)
    I Am Harmony by Radhe Shyam

    This is a story of Radhe Shyam's and other individuals' experiences of meeting with the great Himalayan Master, Haidakhan Babaji also known as Maha Avatar Babaji. Throughout the fascinating 416 pages, one comes to learn some of the history of this timeless Master, His teachings, His predictions, and stories of people that He touched with His love, healed, and the lives He transformed. Included in the book are 16 beautiful color photographs of Babaji along with many black and white photos. It is a must read for every serious seeker on the spiritual path.

    The first edition of I Am Harmony has been translated and published in Bulgarian, Croatian, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Slovenian and Swedish; it has been translated into Dutch and is awaiting publication; and it is in process of translation into Latvian and Serbian.

    About the Author
    Radhe Shyam, formally Charles Swan, met Babaji in early 1980 and his life was totally transformed. Before this time he was a lawyer working in foreign affairs throughout the world for the State Department of Washington DC. He lived in India from 1980 until shortly after Babaji left His body in 1984. After returning to the US he helped begin Babaji's Ashram in Crestone, Colorado, worked for Native Americans' and prisoners' rights, as well as donating several years of his later life bringing democratic and sound business practices to the town Voroneth in Russia. Radhe Shyam passed away in 2006.

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  • Haidakhan Bhajans Honouring Shri Haidakhan Baba (BHMW)
    Haidakhan Bhajans Honouring Shri Haidakhan Baba and the Divine Mother

    Bhajans, Mantras and Stotrams honouring Shri Haidakhan Baba and the Divine Mother; the 108 Names of Shiva included.  

    146 pages of the words to the songs and mantras, with translation to English.

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  • A Little Book of Teachings: Babaji of Haidakhan (DDB)
    A Little Book of Teachings: Babaji of Haidakhan
    Taken From The "Daily Dose of Babaji's Teachings" daily emails.

    Created by a devotee who chose her favorites to share with friends and family in a portable form - fits in pocket or handbag.  
    173 pages of Babaji's Teachings and Photos
    Dimesions: 5"x7"
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  • Babaji Mahavatar - Descent Of Eternity Into Time (BGB)
    Babaji Mahavatar - Descent Of Eternity Into Time

    A magnificent collection of color and black and white photographs of Shri Babaji. Accompanying the photos are quotations from the scriptures of various faiths and from Babaji's own words. Through these photographs, one can experience Babaji's divinity.

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  • Navaratri - Digital Multimedia Extravaganza (NAVG56-DL)
    This is a digital product and will be available immediately after payment - offered at a discount temporarily for the holiday, limited time.

    Navaratri is celebrated in spring and in fall every year - this year it falls on March 24 - April 3.
    Navaratri is a very special NINE NIGHTS of honoring the Divine Mother. Divine Mother makes Herself more available to us during this time period. There are certain protocols to follow that will make the most of these sacred energies. Babaji taught us to observe this bi-annual celebration. Shri Muniraji reinforced it so that Spring is celebrated in Haidakhan and Fall is celebrated in Anand Puri Ashram, in Chilanaula.
    NAVARATRI Digital Multimedia Extravaganza!
    Compiled and created by Marge DeVivo in conjunction with
    Available for instant download immediately after your PayPal payment. 
    Contains all of these parts:
    * Ebook in 3 formats - PDF, MOBI & EPUB) -- Navaratri: Nine Nights of Divine Mother (Daily Goddesses, Information, Havan Verses, Bhajans) (143 pages)
    * Sheet Music: (PDF)
    * Music Downloads that relate to Navaratri (Divine Mother Songs)
    * Links to Mantras Recited each of the Nine Days During Havan/Yagya
    * 700 Names of Divine Mother of Haidakhan (daily mantras)
    * SAPTA SATI: Complete audio of the reading of the Sapta Sati - including English translation and transliterated Hindi plus a document explaining why we read the Sapta Sati
    * 700 Verses to Divine Mother of Haidakhan

    * The Devi Mahatyam - a collection of 700 Slokas on Sri Durga from MarkaNDeya PuraNa
    * Kalbhairav Stotra
    * Also some bonuses are included

    Each day of Navaratri begins with an overview, the mantras used on that day and the Devi Mahatyam Slokas for that day.  Mantras and Slokas are presented in a transliterated version and an English translation.  All information is arranged in a manner that provides for daily devotion of each day individually.
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  • Soul Landscapes - Paintings by Babaji (SOUZ54)
    Soul Landscapes Painted by Babaji in Haidakhan, India
    22 pictures representing stages of the soul during cycles of development

    These cards are about 5" x 7"  and are printed on very high-quality paper, like a greeting card. 
    They stand up.
    They have the title on the back of the card.

    Please Note:  For those who live in Europe, the Soul Landscapes can be ordered directly from the creator, Teresa Dawson, who lives in Switzerland. Just send an email to Marge at to get the contact info for ordering.  This will save time and postage.

    Meaning and use of the 22 healing pictures

    Babaji painted these pictures with the intent to guide, heal and balance the soul. The states of the soul depicted by these paintings are the healed states, the states in their completion.

    The human soul develops in spiral form, passing through the same stages again and again. Ever on a higher level, on a more subtle level, while the principles, the steps to be taken remain the same. No stage is more advanced than the other. All stages together build a complete circle.

    Each healing picture represents one of 22 main stages of development in their completion. These are 22 particular ways of existing, feeling, thinking, doing and being. A picture always strongly resonates with the person who is in the phase of soul development related to the picture.

    You are capable of sensing or feeling the healing vibration needed at a given time by simply being attracted to the picture reflecting this healed soul state. You will naturally select the picture which contains the healing vibration that will guide and balance your soul for a certain time in your life: either for a specific aspect of personality or for necessary growth or for being shown the healed state condition.

    Water placed on a healing picture absorbs its vibrations and can be used for drinking, cooking, watering plants.

    Teresa Surja Dawson

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  • Fire Ceremony Instruction Package - As Taught By Shri Haidakhan Babaji At Herakhan (FCPKG)
    Fire Ceremony Insturction Package - As Taught By Shri Haidakhan Babaji At Herakhan
    Yagya is a vedic offering of fruits, seeds, rice, incense, flowers, ghee, and spices to the Divine Mother in the form of fire, a ritual which the Ancient Indian Holy Scriptures (Vedas) prescribed for a Dharmic life. 
    Sri Haidakhan Babaji reinforced this powerful practice and He himself has performed 147 big yagyas in many provinces of India and this has blessed the country and the whole world. Babaji's devotees all over the world perform Yagnas as part of their sadhana and so many people and places have the opportunity to be blessed by the divine vibrations of the Sacred Fire.
    Haidakhan Babaji, during his last appearance (1970-1984), said about Yagya:
    "I want to tell you the meaning of the Yagya (Havan ceremony). Havan it is that brings rain, which brings grain. The origin of Creation stems from the havan. The havan is the real form of the Gods; whatever we offer to the havan goes directly to the Gods who are being invoked. 
    "By doing havan, people gain happiness and all the pleasures of life; they all have good thoughts and love for each other. By the smoke from the havan the harmful germs in the atmosphere are destroyed and the good bacteria, useful to life, grow in it. This increases the plenty and prosperity of the world.
    "Before starting any work, you should first know the significance of it. You may be wondering why these people are burning the fire and 'wasting' things by throwing them into the fire. It has great significance: Creation originated from this." ~TEACHINGS OF BABAJI  22 December 1983
    This packages contains a comprehensive ebook, mantras, video, audio training in the proper performance of Havan/Yagya/Fire Ceremony.  
    The table of contents to the ebook can give you an idea of how in depth it is:
    Table of Contents
    Preparation on the Building of a Havan Kund (Fire Pit)
    Preparation of Havan Articles - Items Used in the Ceremony
    Havan Procedures and Instructions According to Haidakhandi Standards
         Appendix:  Mantra Options for longer Havans
           a. 108 Names of Lord Shiva
           b. 700 Names of Shri Haidakhandeshwari Ma (download)
           c.  Verses from the Haidakhandi Sapta Sati
    You will also find three other documents:
    An Agnihotra Performance Guide
    A Fire Ceremony Media Support Guide (to access the private audio and video teachings)
    A 108 Names of God document
    This compilation of materials has been requested by literally hundreds of people who are wanting to learn.  I hope we can be of service in teaching this very powerful spiritual practice in the way that Haidakhan Babaji taught us.  
    Please note that this is an introductory price.  Additional personal communication regarding this training is not included as part of this package but is available on a personal basis.  Please contact for further details.  

    These are the instructions given by Shri Maha Muniraji in all of the years of the Haidakhandi Karma Yoga and Peace Center's Havans and Yagyas (1984- 2004).  Sometimes, the Haidakhan Samaj adds or subtracts mantras and prayers to this basic recipe.  What we have here is extremely effective, as proven over the years, and we will happily send out addendums as we receive them from the officials who determine such things. 

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