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Copper Shri Yantra

Copper Shri Yantra - 1.25" Circumference 
Highly recommended! These copper Yantras are charged at Shivadham Temple in India, in fire ceremonies and by having special Mantras chanted over them. They have a very healing presence and can be placed directly on areas of pain or worn around the neck. Always wear design side toward your body! 
Powerful Tool for Healing from Ancient Wisdom Tradition
The Yantra is a powerful and dynamic sacred symbol which arouses the inner life fore to the fullest. These symbols have been used traditionally in India for millennia to harness healing energies. Yantras are geometrical figures made from linear elements intended to represent, in a synthetic form, the basic energies of the natural world. It is the physical expression of mantra, which is a Divine aspect in the form of sound vibration. Yantra is in the form of a geometrical figure.
This particular Yantra engraved on copper is the Shri yantra. Copper is a healing agent, according to the ancient science of Ayurveda. Shri Yantra is the most powerful geometric formation in the world, consisting of nine criss-crossed triangles in two-or three-dimensional form. Criss-crossed triangular geometrical formation has tremendous amount of cosmic powers capable of aligning the positive cosmic energy in one's favor.
Tradition says that Shri Yantra enhances prosperity, affluence, peace, harmony and health for the entire home; and of course, for the person wearing the Yantra at the Heart Chakra, over the thymus gland. (That means, with yantra placed at the center point of the horizontal line between the two nipples: with the geometric design touching the skin.)
This copper Yantra has been infused and charged with Pranic Energy (Universal Life Forece) in order to activate the healing power. This is generally done by maintaining the Yantra in special places of shakti for a certain time and then charging them with vibrations of mantras. Prana is the vital energy which pulsates through us and connects us with the Cosmos; and it is the pranic energy contained in this yantra which makes it a powerful device ready to operate to protect you, to bring health at all levels and also prosperity both spiritual and material. With the recent ecological disasters in Venezuela, with tremendous destruction from floods and mud slides, it was proven thtat the Yantra coupled with the practice of Agnihotra healing fire provided amazing protection to Agnihotra practitioners who carried them.
According to ancient tradition, yantras emanate healing energies when they have been charged in the appropriate manner, causing a positive effect in the healing of mind an body. Most important, the yantra must be charged by a pure person whose mind is always full of love, i.e., one who practices Love thy neighbor as thyself in his daily life, and not simply by anyone who knows the process of Tantra in an intellectual way. Thus, the power is transferred to the Yantra.
In the case of this Yantra, everything necessary has been performed according to the ancient, traditional manner. You may place your Yantra in your room or meditate with it. You may keep your Yantra submerged in water all night long and drink the water the next morning. (Try to avoid using plastic or aluminum vessels.) Ancient tradition says that the water receives healing energies.
Alternatively, you may place the Yantra directly on the body wherever it needs healing energy, with the design side next to the skin. The Yantra should be worn with cotton, copper or gold thread or chain. Also, you may place the Yantra on the soles of your feet, particularly while sleeping.
During the period of healing, the Yantra may become discolored or even turn black. This is not uncommon. The Yantra may be cleaned with toothpaste, tamarind pulp, vinegar with salt or lemon with salt.
When first using the Yantra it is possible that any symptoms may become more pronounced. This is also normal and would indicate that the body has gone into a healing crisis. Do not worry about this. If necessary, reduce the amount of exposure to the Yantra, but try to use it at least some time every day. 
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