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Jharra Sessions For Those Seeking Balance

Quote from Babaji:
20 JANUARY 1984
"All of you must learn spiritual healing - jhara-phunka - and make spiritual healing centers. By that means, many people in the world will get peace and happiness."
Basic Description of Jharra: 
Jharra is a healing technique in which the practitioner repeats a mantra while sweeping peacock feathers over a person’s body, thereby clearing out dis-harmony and allowing the natural harmony and balance to be restored.  With each sweep of the feathers, a powerful mantra is repeated by the practitioner.  The client remains quiet in a receptive frame of mind. 

As a Jharra Practitioner since 1986, I am offering Jharra Balancing Sessions (remotely and in person).
These sessions take about 20-30 minutes; for remote sessions, you need to email me your photo and some basic details about your situation. In person, we need to set an appointment.
Recommended: begin with 3 sessions the first week for acute situations; once a week for non-acute.  I have greatly reduced the cost of the 3 session package to make it easier for you to get the healing that you need for your situation.

Once you purchase a session I will contact you to arrange the details of your appointment.

Should you have questions or need any clarification please email me directly at
One session: $50
Three sessions: $108

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